After writing a 30 page film business plan for our first feature film, I decided to take the Business Plan Bootcamp and learn how to simplify the business plans for our next 3 movies. I knew there must be a better way to write business plans for movies that would actually make sense, be understood in plain English and explain the financials to veteran film investors and brand new film investors. Stacey’s course proved to be worth every penny! Take the time to listen and re-listen to her words of wisdom as you’ll save yourself months of painful business plan writing by simply following Stacey’s easy to follow plan. Highly recommend!
— Victoria Westcott, Producer
As someone looking to get my first feature off the ground, Stacey’s Business Plan Boot Camp is proving to be an invaluable, hands-on, resource. I don’t live in Los Angeles or have the time/resources to visit many of the industry’s larger film markets but, luckily, Stacey is there, in the trenches. And she’s willing to share insight and advice that equates to a complete and well packaged business plan. The additional perks for attending the course are many: a membership to, templates, examples, the forum, etc. I could go on and on but, in summary, highly recommended.
— Sean Jourdan, Filmmaker
I have produced two feature films... (‘Find Me Guilty’ directed by the late Sidney Lumet and ‘Even Money’ starring Forest Whittaker and Kim Bassinger). Budget is one of the main things when talking to investors and distribution companies. But because the industry changes so much, budgetary needs also change and that impacts business plans. So, after I heard about Film Specific’s Business Plan BootCamp, I signed up for the class thinking I would just be getting a refresher on the latest changes in the industry. But, little did I know I would be getting more then just a refresher. In Stacey’s class, I got insight on how to improve my business plan - things I hadn’t even considered. Yes, you might assume that after my having produced two feature films, with notable talent and sizable budgets, I knew everything about business plans - but, after I took Stacey’s class... I learned that there is more to a business plan then the usual plan. I recommend Stacey’s Business Plan Bootcamp to anyone who is not only making their first feature film but also to experienced producers. Stacey’s course is about learning how to stay on top of the game game, in the midst of all its changes... and everyone - amateurs and professionals alike, can always use that.
— Johnny Sanchez
No money, no film. Among many things Stacey helps with getting your film off the ground, her Business plan boot camp is simply phenomenal. Identifying the elements to include; and more importantly what NOT to include to create a valuable business plan, is what sets this apart. The opportunity to also mingle and hear other participants who are at different stages in the process helps you prepare for the curve ball that’s coming. I couldn’t recommend her boot camp more for anyone who has the passion to make a film!
— Sumanth, Molaka Films
Doing Stacey’s program, you end up having a plan that’s specific and tailor-made for your film, (since you’ll end up knowing what to put in it), rather than a boiler-plate generic one that you would probably get if you hired someone—at far greater cost than her course—to do it. Be prepared to have your eyes opened and get a reality check about the feasibility of your film in the marketplace, but also be prepared to receive knowledge that you can use to maximize the attractiveness of your film to investors.
— Sugith Varughese
I know very few people who like to write business plans. For me, it’s right up there with dental work. But, you have to do it!!! Well, this is like having someone go to the dentist for you. Stacey helped me take my pages and pages of failed business plans and put it in a form that I’m very proud of. If you want to have the confidence that your film could return money to your investors I would highly recommend it. Although, she hasn’t helped me at all with my chipped tooth.
— Tim Testa
The FilmSpecific Business Plan Boot Camp is a must if you want to take control of your projects. Stacey offers nuts-and-bolts information, advice, and statistics you won’t find elsewhere, and reverse engineers the process from the investor’s point of view. Well worth the time and money!
— Maria Collis, Leomark Studios
The Business Plan Bootcamp was incredibly important in terms of deepening my knowledge of the business side of producing. It helped me to visualize a critical path towards financing and profitability and gave me the confidence to approach co-producing partners, sales agents, and distributors. Producing can be a slow process but that knowledge and confidence is now paying off as a number of our projects move forward in development. It was definitely worth it.
— Shawn Whitney, Filmmaker
Thank you so much for your incredible Business Plan Boot Camp. With your guidance and wisdom I was able to write my very first business plan for our film. Our original plan was asking for a private equity investment of $650,000. We currently have one investor who loved our business plan and idea so much, he asked me to rewrite the plan and redo my projections for a $1.5 million private equity investment with name talent. Your attention to detail for each section of the plan not only translates on the page but more importantly, it translates in the pitch meetings. The wisdom you share and the amount of research you ask us to do really has given me that extra bit of confidence in my pitch meetings. I cannot thank you enough!
— Prem Shah / Producer, The Keepers
The Business Plan Boot Camp will give you the tools to realistically assess your project’s budgetary parameters and develop a set of rational, realizable steps towards meeting your financial goals. Stacey Parks has a reality-based understanding of the calculus that buyers and financiers must use to accurately evaluate a film project’s viability - and she offers this knowledge in the most supportive and positive of terms.
— Nathan Buck
Stacey Parks’s Business Plan Virtual Intensive is an incredible resource that gave me the confidence I needed to write Business Plans for my own production company. Her seminar is very clear, detailed-oriented, and organized. It is also laden with a number of sample Business Plans, Comparative Analysis sheets, and book recommendations for filmmakers to review. I liked that she walked us through every section and paragraph of the Business Plan, including the Financial Analysis section, and remained accessible throughout. Stacey’s hands-on approach is a worthy investment that gives screenwriters, directors, and producers the tools they need to create engaging, deeply compelling, and concise Business Plans. This is a seminar that you do not want to miss. I remain forever grateful for the knowledge that I gained from the course.
— JD Walker, Producer/Director/Screenwriter | JD Publishing Group, LLC | Oscar Micheaux Feature Film
Your Business Plan worksheets give me a useful focus when assessing what resources I can already use to my second project’s advantage, versus what’s lacking or needs more attention. It’s easy as a filmmaker to get carried away with the artistic process but financial discipline is what earns funders’ respect and trust. I’m working and re-working my film funding proposal to get it “just right” for target funders - identifying the value proposition beyond dollars and cents for also the emotional connect. I’m prepared to invest more time in this early stage process because I get more clarity on my distribution targets as I go along, and this will translate into a meaningful balance between art and business.
— Jin Craven